What is LVITA?
LVITA aims to deliver Products from the best local shops in the most efficient manner by creating a high-quality platform as well as handling all the logistics. In essence, we provide Shops with the opportunity to increase their operational capacity, introducing avenues to increase consumers and consequently revenues; increase brand exposure and get free marketing; and take advantage of the advanced logistical operations we provide, allowing the Shops to focus on their core competencies (i.e. serving good Products). We also provide consumers with the ability to order good Products from the best local Shops that heretofore did not or could not deliver, in an efficient and reliable manner.

How do I order through LVITA?
LVITA offers customers multiple portals to order from these portals are a means for LVITA's partnering Shops to display their Products (descriptive and pictorial), and include the following:
·       Website (lvitaapp.com).
·       IOS Application (Apple App Store).
·       Android application (Google Play or Play Store).

What kind of Shops are listed on LVITA?
LVITA is a high-quality platform with a diverse selection of Shops. This selection of Shops ranges from top local UAE artisanal places to high-end international Shops. What LVITA doesn't curate to is low-quality take away Shops that end up mixing up your order and being delivered \"unfashionably\" late.

How is the Product delivered to me?
Once you place an order through any of our platforms, the Shop will automatically be accepted your order then prepare it, and send it to your place to deliver it.

What types of payments does LVITA accept?
To provide you with the best possible experience we do accept all types of payment, Cash on Delivery and Visa/Mastercard. Making your life easier is how we roll.

What times can I order from LVITA?
We deliver to your doorstep every day from 6:30 AM to 1 AM.

Why should I order through LVITA and not over the phone?
Well, unless you want to go through the hassle of being put through an operator, waiting on hold, going through a whole menu over the phone to make up your mind, and then wait blindly for your order to arrive, we recommend that you order through LVITA. We let you have visual over All Steps after you checkout to you so that you can track their progress in real-time, from the Shop to your doorstep.

What happens if there is a mistake in my order?
Our trained customer care agents will assist you to ensure that you have a pleasant experience from the time your order is placed to the time that it gets to your doorstep. In the unusual case of an issue with your order, you can contact us at info@lvitaapp.com

What if my order is late?
LVITA will try their best to be as prompt as can be. Our system will ensure that the order will be routed to the shortest and route of less resistance. With that, sometimes things are out of our control and can cause an unexpected delay. We will always try to be proactive and inform you in advance if your delivery were to not reach you within the Estimated Time of Arrival and will ensure that it'll get to you in the fastest possible manner.

Can I place an order without having to register an account?
Yes, you can. We do have the option of processing your order without having to register an account in LVITA. Although, we highly recommend that you do so that you are aware of the most recent additions of restaurants and promotions that we will be offering.

Can I cancel an order that I placed?
Yes, you will be able to cancel your order in case of the Shop did not accept your order, whether the payment was made via Cash on Delivery and Visa/Mastercard. You will not be able to cancel your order after the Order Accepted time frame due to the order already being processed from our partnering Shop side.